Airsoft Interview: Marck from RedWolf Airsoft!

We were so lucky to score an interview with Marck from RedWolf Airsoft. We really hope you enjoy this interview and we hope to be able to interview more awesome people from the airsoft community soon!


RedWolf Marck is a 29 years old, chinese-american. He started playing airsoft at the age of eleven with friends. They used springer guns for their games, and generally playing around with GBBs,  AEGs and dressing up like “an army dude” really appealed to him. His first AEG was a L85/SA80 it ran on NiCAD batteries, and the gun broke after a week. Currently, Marcks favorite loadouts are MARSOC raiders 2008 style or a Navy seal outfit and rocking a MK11 GBB Rifle.

Marck and Tim went to the same International School where they became friends and started to hang out, and kept hanging out when Tim was working with RedWolf and Marck was with another company. Then five years ago, Marck, was offered a job as head of marketing at RedWolf but he declined because of the job he already had. Soon thereafter he got a call from the CEO of RedWolf and was offered another job at the company.


Casual questions:

Any favorite AEG brands?

“VFC loyalist for a long time, goes for both GBB and AEG”

What’s your favorite food?

“Barbeque, Spare ribs and brisket!”

And your favorite beverage?

“A nice whiskey or a really good beer.”

What airsoft youtubers do you follow?

“I don’t follow a lot of airsofters, because I like to keep personal and work YouTube separated. But with that being said, Airsoftology is one of my favorites.”

Favorite kind of airsoftfield to play at?

“Outdoors in woodland area, I also like fields with rivers or streams”

What’s missing from within the airsoft scene?

“ A move towards higher quality product that aren’t as expensive and more diversity in players, like for example we need more female players!”

Weirdest experience on an airsoftfield?

“Nightgame that we played with a bunch of people, we had one guy disappear. We had to run around with NVGs looking for him. 60 people had to look for this one guy, we decided to stop and head back to the safe zone where the missing person was talking with the field owners and also eating dinner.”

What are some new airsoft products you are looking forward to?

*Sigh* *laugh* “I can’t tell you this but restocking of the UMP9 magazines.

What’s the most negative experience you’ve had with airsoft?

“There’s not been a lot of them, but had to deal with some negative stuff. Always had to be the referee or the middle-man, which meant dealing with a lot of negative outbursts and such.”

Something you want to let the airsoft community know?

“On behalf of RedWolf Airsoft we really appreciate the community and we will always work towards making good deals for the airsofters. We are a store, but we care. And the core of the people working in RWA all play airsoft!”

Check out RedWolf Airsoft on YouTube and check out their products at





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