VV MVD Ration Pack IRP Review

So today I got a nice package from the mailman! Or the neighbour lady’s lover!

It was 6 packages of the VV MVD Ration Pack IRP. And it is heavy, there are three meals in each pack. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It contains about 4100 calories, and the meals are huge!

Inside the IRP pack I found:

  • Fruit bar
  • Instant Coffee
  • Energy Drink
  • 2 packs of tea
  • Canned Cheese
  • Potato, Carrot and beef stew
  • Pork in stock
  • Buckwheat mixed with beef and a little bit of stock
  • Apple jelly
  • 4 packs of crackers
  • 1 pack of salt and 1 pack of black pepper
  • Pork paté
  • Vegetable spread
  • 3 packs of face and handwash
  • 3 napkins
  • 1 pack of waterproof matches, matchstick and a grill with fuel tablets


First I want to cover the fruit bar. It was delicious! It was not dry, it was kinda sticky and fruity and had a bit of sweet raisin taste to it! It was chewy without being chewy. Really good and tasty.

Now for the yummy stuff! The cheese and the apple jelly! The cheese tasted fresh and not canned at all. I don’t know what to compare it with, but it was just delicious! The apple jelly wasn’t bad either, it tasted like apple cinnamon cake when I put it on the crackers. It really delivered! Was not too sweet and not bitter at all! And there was the pork paté which I didn’t like at all! It had a irony taste to it, was dry and yeah.. smelled like dog food. Really sad.. And the vegetable spread was very fatty, and bitter with a smell and consistency of baby food.

And then we have the main courses!

First I want to talk about the buckwheat and beef mix thing. It was really good, just added a little salt and pepper from the IRP pack and it was golden. Had a little bit of moisture from the fats and maybe a little bit of meat stock. Consistensy was really good.

The potato, carrot and beef stew was the most awesome thing! I finished the whole plate (which I shouldn’t since I am on a diet) but I couldn’t help myself! It tasted so fresh and delicious! Being one YEAR old I was really surprised! Had to add some salt and pepper to it just because I had to try it with it, but I really didn’t have to!

The pork in fat and stock or whatever I should call it was really tasty, the stock tasted very nice, there was a bit too much fat for my taste. But for a winter day out in the cold it would be a perfect lunch to get warm on!  I would not really like this on a hot day just because it was very fatty. But tastewise it was really good!

Now for the little things! Coffee had a really round and not bitter taste at all. Tea was very good, did not add any sugar because I like tea without sugar and I don’t understand why people blend good tea with sugar! Now the energy drink I did not taste because I am on a diet, but I will definetely try it later! The antibac wipes was very nice, not much of an odor to them either. There was in total 60 gr of sugar which I did not understand what to do with.Crackers was very nice, would love to munch on them all day!

In total for the IRP I will give it a 8/10

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